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Philosophische und naturgesetz-basierte Gottesbeweise

Philosophical and natural-law-based proofs of God

At some stage, everyone who thinks about life on this earth asks themselves the question: where did it all come from? Two possible answers come into view: Did this huge universe and the many complex and varied life-forms on this planet develop solely from matter over millions of years, in a process lacking any planning and intelligence, and without any sort of goal or purpose? Or is there an intelligent Creator with plan and purpose?

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Wie ich mein Leben Jesus übergebe

Turning to Jesus Christ

After all that has been said in the book “Questions―I have Always Wanted to Ask”, we must now ask how we can get access to the Bible. How can the uninitiated read and understand the Bible? After an evangelistic meeting a young intellectual came for counselling, honestly wanting to understand the Bible.

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Psalm 23 – Aus der Perspektive des Himmels gesehen

Psalm 23—from the vantage point of Heaven


It was both a privilege and a moving experience to translate this free adaptation of Psalm 23 from the perspective of eternity, below.

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Die Schöpfungs-Hyperbel

The creation hyperbola

THE BIBLE does not leave us in the dark about how God created the world and all life, i.e. the general principles by which this took place. A recurring question concerns the time needed for the creation of everything. Here, too, God informs us very clearly and unambiguously.


Eine wahre Storchengeschichte

A true stork story

I would have regarded this true story as having been invented, had I not personally witnessed it.

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Wie viel Vergebung ist bei Gott möglich?

How much forgiveness is possible with God?

During a lecture, a woman interrupted me with the question: “Can some­one who has murdered 1,000 others be forgiven?” From the tone of her voice, it was already clear to me that it was a loaded question.

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A chessmaster was visiting an art gallery, where his gaze fell upon a painting that fascinated him. It depicted a young man who was playing chess with the Devil. The face of the enemy bore an air of victory, while the young man’s face betrayed panic. The painting was titled ‘Check­mate’.

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Die Hölle – Kein Ort der Familienzusammenführung

Hell—no place for a family reunion

After one lecture a young woman came up to me and explained that she definitely did not want to be converted to Jesus. Her reasoning aston­ished me:

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Können durch Mutationen neue Informationen entstehen?

Can mutations create new information?

von Robert W. Carter


Jesus über das Alter der Erde

Jesus on the age of the earth

von Carl Wieland

Jesus glaubte an eine junge Welt, doch führende theistische Evolutionisten sagen, er liegt falsch.


Die zehn Gefahren der Theistischen Evolutionslehre

10 dangers of theistic evolution

In this system God is not the omnipotent Lord of all things, whose Word has to be taken seriously by all men, but He is integrated into the evolutionary philosophy. This leads to 10 dangers for Christians.


A review of "Without Excuse"

by Werner Gitt in cooperation with Bob Compton and Jorge Fernandez

Reviewed by Rachael Denhollander

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Gott und die Außerirdischen

God and the extraterrestrials

Are we alone, or is there life elsewhere in the universe?


Die höchste bekannte Informationsdichte

The Highest Packing Density of Information


Ich stieg in der George Street aus

I got off at George Street

A message by Rev. Dave Smethurst


Der Ursprung der biologischen Information (Teil 1)

Inheritance of biological information—part I

Alex Williams

the nature of inheritance and of information


Speicherdichte einer DVD

Information density of a DVD


Lipid Rafts: Beweise für Biosyntax und Biopragmatismus

Lipid rafts: evidence of biosyntax and biopragmatics

Information theorist Werner Gitt has proposed that information is best understood within a multidimensional framework.


Gespräche im Land der aufgehenden Sonne

Conversations in the land of the rising sun

Information scientist and evangelist Werner Gitt sent news of his speaking tour of Japan.


Mehr oder weniger Informationen?

More or less information?

Has a recent experiment proved creation?


„Fahrt zur Hölle, Kreationisten!“

„Go to hell, creationists!“

A rowdy demonstration at a German university shows that ‘tolerance’ does not extend to creation and the Bible.


Information, Wissenschaft und Biologie

Information, science and biology

Energy and matter are considered to be basic universal quantities. However, the concept of information has become just as fundamental and far-reaching, justifying its categorisation as the third fundamental quantity.


Evolution? Das gibt keinen Sinn!

Evolution? It doesn't add up!

If you ask Dr Werner Gitt for his favourite evidence against evolution, he will have an instant reply.


Die Rückkehr des Wiesels: Truman antwortet Curtis

The weasel returns: Truman replies to Curtis

Professor Dawkins describes his computer programs, written in Basic and later in Pascal, using words such as ‘mutation’, ‘generation’, ‘selection’, and so on. But he does not inform us just what the sentences actually represent. They might represent genes, proteins, operons or genomes, although from the context and from other publications an expressed gene is most likely.


Überwältigendes Miniatur-Design: Der DNA-Informationsspeicher

Dazzling design in miniature: DNA information storage

The cells of the human body can produce at least 100,000 different types of proteins, all with a unique function.


Die Sterne zählen

Counting the stars

The vastness of the universe is cause for joy, not loneliness.


Trübe Wasser

Muddy Waters

Clarifying the confusion about natural selection


Das Evangelium in Raum und Zeit

The gospel in time and space

The purpose of this article is to seek to understand the dimensions we live in a little more clearly, using the allegory of Flatland.


Klonen: Erlaubt oder nicht?

Cloning: right or wrong?

How do we judge cloning according to the Bible?


Wie ist das mit dem Urknall?

What about the big bang?

Even the idea that the universe is expanding is under attack by some astronomers.


Ännchen von Tharau (Englisch)

Annie of Tharau


Annie of Tharau is the one I do love.
She is my life, my riches above.
Annie of Tharau her heart once again,
Has given to me in love and in pain.
Annie of Tharau, my most precious bud.
You are my soul, my flesh and my blood.

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Das bestgehütete Geheimnis der Hölle

Hell's best kept secret

In the late seventies, God very graciously opened an itinerant ministry to me. As I began to travel, I found that I had access to church growth records, and found to my horror that something like 80 to 90% of those making a decision for Christ were falling away from the faith. That is, modern evangelism with its methods is creating something like 80 to 90 of what we commonly call backsliders for every hundred decisions for Christ.


Schlussfolgerungen aus den Naturgesetzen der Information (Teil 2)

Scientific laws of information and their implications (Part 2)

Evolution could only occur if the possibility existed that information could arise by itself out of matter. Those who believe that evolution is a plausible concept believe in a “perpetuum mobile of information”.


Schlussfolgerungen aus den Naturgesetzen der Information (Teil 1)

Scientific laws of information and their implications (Part 1)

The grand theory of atheistic evolution posits that matter and energy alone have given rise to all things, including biological systems. To hold true, this theory must attribute the existence of all information ultimately to the interaction of matter and energy without reference to an intelligent or conscious source.